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1 Iran prosecutor confirms blogger Sattar Beheshti died in police custody
2 Iran prosecutor confirms blogger Sattar Beheshti died in police custody
3 Iranian prisoner files torture complaint
4 Iran Tribunal Condemns Crimes of the Islamic Regime!
5 Amir Fetanat, A savak Agent, Sending keramat Daneshian to his death, says Allamehzadeh
6 Only Muslims in Savak jails?
7 Iranian doctor murdered after examining rape victims
8 Iran giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists
9 Report: Iran Releases Trade Union Leader
10 Torture at Evin Prison
11 Parviz (Peter) Sabeti lives out of a p.o. box in Florida
12 Parviz Sabeti of Former Savak is now Peter and builds homes in Florida
13 Jailed Iranian Labor Activist Taken To Hospital
14 Opposition reports dreadful conditions in Iranian prisons
15 Iranian-Kurd prisoner in imminent danger of execution
16 Amensty International 2010 report on death penalty
17 Florence honours jailed Iranian lawyer with human rights award
18 Death Row Prisoner’s Father: Confessions After 17 Months of torture
19 Iranian judiciary issues five new death sentences
20 Message of Zahra Bahrami's execution to the world
21 Death court member identified by opposition
22 Two Post-elections Political Prisoners Hanged
23 Women political prisoners in dire situation in Iran
24 Husband of jailed Iranian lawyer arrested
25 Iran on “Execution Binge;” Immediate Moratorium Urged
26 Women political prisoners in dire situation in Iran
27 Life and Death of Women in Islamic Prisons in Iran
28 Iran: Post-Election Protestor in Danger of Imminent Execution
29 Iranian Lawyer 'Resumes Hunger Strike' In Prison
30 Soudabeh Ardavan's prison art
32 Human Rights Crisis Requires International Scrutiny
33 Life of Jailed Human Rights Lawyer at Great Risk
34 State pressures stepped up on Iran's Mourning Mothers
35 Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh on hunger strike
36 Revolution Of The Mind - Die For My People
37 Exiled Ally Talks About Jailed Iranian Activist's Torture Allegations
38 “They tell me to pick a simple tombstone,” says murdered protester’s wife
39 Jailed Activist Describes Torture in Letter to Khamenei
40 Mourning Mothers Warn About Traumatic Consequences of Prison Torture
41 Neda’s Mother Appeals to the International Community
42 Iran prevents annual ceremony for executed political prisoners
43 'Torturer Of Tehran' Loses His Untouchable Status
44 Islamic Republic Policies Are the Source of All Violence
45 Forced labour for Iranian political prisoners
46 148 pages report on 1988 masaccare of political prisoners
47 Iran Fails to Block Critical UN Human Rights Statement
48 Iran’s Hanging Judge
49 Mansur Osanlu Transferred to Ward For Addicts
50 Detained Iranian writer decries treatment of prisoners
51 Amnesty International report 2010 on Iran
52 Draconian Prison Sentences Doled out for Activists
53 17 More Kurdish Prisoners at Risk of Execution
54 Iran's Kurdish regions on strike in protest to executions
55 Six more execution Approaching
56 Turkish police Killed fourty refugees and buried them
57 Two More Baseless Death Sentences
58 Testing Gamma radiation on Iranian female prisoners
59 Torture not hacking led to the Iranian takedown
60 Free ‘Mourning Mothers’ Supporters
61 The Islamic Republic at 31, Human Rights Watch
62 Rapists in Iran's regime
63 Imprisoned Iranian protesters share a bond forged in hell
64 Unite for human rights in Iran on February 11th
65 Iran's Mourning Mothers: "Stop The Executions"
66 Iran Joins other 3 most repressive countries: Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan
67 Death Sentence for Female Kurdish Political Prisoner
68 CNN film on Mortazavi and kahrizak
69 Former Prosecutor With History of Rights Abuse Responsible
70 Lawsuit puts Iran, Canada on same side
71 Last Statement by Ehsan Fattahian
72 Internationl Federation for Human Right's report on Iran
73 Iran's ranks world's 2nd in executions!
74 EU debate on cases of breaches of human rights in Iran
75 human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Report of the UN-2009
76 Speedy burial of activist at night
77 Forgotten massacre, the Ayatollah’s hidden legacy
78 Iranian Student: 'I Didn't Want To Make The Rape Issue Public'
79 Ban Iranian leaders from Canada, Payam Akhavan
80 Deadly Fatwa: Iran's 1988 Massacre
81 Video of the son of a political prisoner executed by the Iran's regime in 1982
82 Another rape victim of Islamic Republic tells her story.
83 Legal and Official Rape in Iran Prisons
84 The Rape of Taraneh: Prison Abuse of Iran's Protesters
85 Twenty Years of Silence: The 1988 Massacre
86 1988 Mass Executions
87 IPPA-Iranian Political Prisoners Association
88 Still the revolution Continues
89 Book on torture in Iran
90 Interview with Former Iranian Political Prisoner
91 Hanging in Iran