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Some 80 percent of street children work for a living.
Children in today's world have become subjected to various forms of exploitation ranging from forced labor and drug trafficking to mendicancy, sexual abuse and obscenity with consequences such as illiteracy, malnutrition and disease. Latest UN reports suggest that 246 million children around the world are working; 500 million do not have access to sanitary lavatories; 400 million are deprived of water; 270 million live without medical and health services; 90 million are without sufficient food; 140 million do not go to school and 300 million have no access to information.

Based on the same report, more than one million Iranian children live below a poverty line of $1 and $2 a day income, while approximately 14 percent work to contribute to family income and meet schooling costs.

Figures indicate that an annual 20,000 to 30,000 street children are mopped up in metropolises. Nevertheless, the plight of small children who wander on streets soliciting for food and money and who are exploited by gangs has become an old story. More than 8,200 vagabond kids were collected in Tehran alone during the first half of current year (2005). It is estimated that the number of street children handed over to the State Welfare Organization would hit 40,000 by the yearend.

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